rocket pig sandwich

Let’s say that you just spent years perfecting a single sandwich. You might open a little shop with the sandwich as the sole menu item. You might, on the shop’s signage, alert your customers that they’re about to have the best sandwich they’ll ever experience. You might even design a logo with a determined pig astride a rocket, in case they had any doubts that they’re about to blast off to new heights in sandwich excellence. (more…)

Breads Bakery cinnamon babka

When a man sidles up to you at a bakery and tells you to squeeze the babka, there might be a couple of things going on. Either this is some kind of creepily carb-focused flirting or he’s pretty damned excited about fresh babka. After I’d selected the most pliant loaf I knew he had given me good advice. (more…)

McKittrick Old Fashioned

If I were stranded at a desert island cocktail bar that served just one drink of my choosing, I’d make it an old fashioned. I suppose that would be a little like using your last genie-granted wish to ask for more wishes, since an old fashioned can take numerous guises. The basic ingredients are always booze, sugar and bitters; the cardinal sin is making it too sweet. (more…)

poseidon bakery galaktoboureko

Poseidon Bakery is a testament to the deliciousness of homemade phyllo that’s lavished with honey. This family-run Greek bakery opened in Hell’s Kitchen in 1923, and remains one of the few bakeries in the US that still makes their phyllo dough by hand. (more…)

torst brooklyn

You may have noticed a few of your beer nerd friends in Brooklyn behaving strangely over the past week—perhaps skipping out of work early, or not answering text messages in the evenings, or looking jetlagged in the mornings (though I assure you I’ve done none of these things!) If you know someone who fits this description, it’s a safe bet they were at Tørst, the most eagerly anticipated beer bar to open in North Brooklyn in recent memory. (more…)

orchid show new york botanical garden

The 11th annual Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden looks like it’s just one hookah smoking caterpillar short of Wonderland. Housed in the vast Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, the exhibition includes tens of thousands of orchids which float in pools, cling to palms, and hang from tangled vines in explosions of vivid color. (more…)

Joe's Pizza 14th Street

East Village pizza fans, meet your new go-to pizzera. Famous Joe’s on Carmine Street has opened a location on 14th Street and Third Avenue, marking the first time the family-run business has expanded in its 37 years. The Carmine Street pizzera is legendary, and I’ve been a fan for many years. It serves one of the best no-bullshit, high-quality New York style slices out there, something that’s been missing from the neighborhood. (more…)

Animals Wayland pulled bacon sandwich

I have a bone to pick with Animals, the newly opened sandwich pop-up that’s attached to The Wayland in the East Village. But first, let me tell you about their pulled bacon sandwich. (Priorities!) It starts with slab bacon, slow braised and pulled to tender, smoky pieces, which are layered with refried beans, avocado, pickled jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, red slaw, and a generous dollop of chili mayo, then tucked inside a fresh, crusty baguette. (more…)

Banana Joe Affenpinscher Best in Show

Banana Joe, Best in Show winner

The 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show wrapped up last night with a tiny monkey-faced Affenpinscher named Banana Joe scurrying off with the Best in Show title. I’d been afraid the little squirt would win. Of all of the dogs there, I needed a photo of the winner, and seven-pound, pitch-black, perpetually-moving critters aren’t easy to photograph from across an arena. I suspected that he’d prevail, though. He seemed to have a dangerously large ego that practically soaked up cheers from a packed Madison Square Garden. (more…)

Josie's Bar East Village

Strangely Masonic bear is watching you.

There is a sign tacked to the ceiling of a certain bar in the East Village that reads “We’re all here because we’re not all there.” It’s a phrase that’s been used a number of ways, but it’ll always remind me of what makes a great dive bar. (more…)