Grandaisy Bakery Pizza


I don’t realize what copious amounts of dairy I consume until I’m out with someone who can’t eat it without getting an upset stomach. I feel a reciprocal pang in my tummy as they scour a menu at some place I’ve raved about, looking for any item not slathered in cream sauce or cemented by gobs of cheese. It’s true, I am woefully under-prepared for adult-onset lactose intolerance.

So I was intrigued when I heard about the pizza at Grandaisy Bakery, served up at room temperature in cheeseless squares. The pomodoro especially interested me, as it consists only of sauce and crust; and as I peered at it under glass it looked kinda unfinished and possibly not good. But one taste changed my mind. The crust is crisp and light, and the sauce thick and slightly sweet. It highlighted the two elemental pizza ingredients in a refreshing way, and at $2.75 makes a great snack.

My other favorites include roasted cauliflower with gruyere and a sprinkling of parsley, as well as potato-and-onion seasoned with rosemary; both slightly heavier, more filling options. But the pomodoro really made me think twice about the necessity of cheese on pizza.

Grandaisy Bakery, formerly Sullivan Street Bakery, 73 Sullivan Street
Open daily 7am-7pm