Greenmarket Peaches

greenmarket peaches

Last night I slept under the covers. This is notable because during August my apartment never drops below a steamy 80 degrees (I don’t own an air conditioner, for various reasons). So the end of summer is usually a relief, like a fever breaking.  The only downside is that there’s just a few days left to pick up my favorite Greenmarket snack, before they go out of season.

Fresh peaches from the Greenmarket put supermarket peaches to shame. Ripe, unbruised, and fragrant, with a deep golden hue and sweet, juicy flesh, they taste a little like the local answer to mangoes. They’re delicious eaten alone or with vanilla ice cream or garnishing a plain cereal like Special K. Italians serve them sangria-style soaked in red wine. I grabbed two for $1 on my last visit, which seems steep until you taste them.

Peaches don’t ripen off the tree so be sure to pick a ripe one and eat it as soon as possible. Look for a deep golden background color, no bruises, and a strong, peachy fragrance. They should give a bit when squeezed. If you’re holding one that isn’t fuzzy, it’s a nectarine.

If you’re a peach fan, don’t miss this peach dessert slideshow.

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