BluePrint Cleanse

BluePrint Cleanse

I didn’t think I’d be the type of person to buy into pricey juice cleanse. It sounded like the thrill of instant, temporary weight loss packaged with woo woo wording—particularly, that juice cleansing could normalize weight, boost immune systems, reduce signs of aging, increase energy, elevate mood, and sort out a plethora of health issues from allergies to PMS. If you ask me there hasn’t been a drink that could cure that many problems since they stopped making Coca-Cola with actual cocaine.

But December and early January knocked me off course. There were reasons: holidays, traveling, a sore back that made exercise highly avoidable, and working days AND nights. Not to mention the new job in Chelsea Market, which contains a gauntlet of five amazing-smelling bakeries that I must walk through on my way to the office. I knew if I invested money up front I’d actually follow through. Plus I was busy and it seemed more doable if someone else was doing all the thinking and preparation.

And that’s how I ended up splurging on a $195 three-day BluePrint renovation cleanse. You can cleanse for up to ten days, but since the juices are made fresh and must be consumed within three days, they’ll only deliver three days’ worth at a time, and I was already daunted by the cost. I chose the renovation because it’s their entry level cleanse, meaning it contains the most calories and least amount of vegetable juice. I should add now if you’re diabetic or have blood sugar issues, this is probably a really bad idea and you should talk to your doctor first.

I had a 7-9:30pm delivery window, and a box of cold, ice-packed juice arrived at my door at 7:10. I was pleased with the delivery process and the packaging. Each juice is clearly labeled with the order in which it should be consumed and its ingredients. I put the bottles in the fridge straight away, as I’d been advised in the welcome e-mail. This e-mail also advised that you spend the days leading up to the cleanse weeding out heavy foods, caffeine, and alcohol from your diet. My ramp-up period got crammed into a single day though. I dutifully cut back to oatmeal, soup, lots of salad, and a single cup of coffee. Then I caved and got a slice of pizza and a beer. Hey, for me on a Friday that’s not bad!

I went to bed early, psyched to begin Day 1.