BluePrint Cleanse Day One

Blue Print Cleanse green juice

A cappuccino and a bagel are usually the two things I’m thinking of when my eyes pop open on a weekend morning, and this morning was no exception. But with $200 worth of juice slowly spoiling in my fridge there was no question about what needed to happen. I poured myself a glass of BluePrint green juice. This was the juice whose taste I most feared, since it contains six pounds worth of greenery. I could taste parsley and celery, but mostly it tasted like leafy apple juice. Not too bad.

You’re supposed to space your six drinks out by a couple hours with lots of green tea and water in between, but I had errands to run in Manhattan my body burned through all the juice, leaving me suddenly hungry and feeling like hell. I felt better once I got home and had another juice, but that experience made me glad I’d kept my calendar pretty clear of obligations. Besides the fact that the cleanse contains only 1100 calories per day and the portions need to be carefully spaced, there was the issue that being around real food was making me feel deprived. Being downwind of a street meat cart was almost more than I could handle. As long as I stayed away from food I was ok, but I wouldn’t be able to do that for long.

The last juice of the day was the cashew milk, which had an unusual chalk-dust texture that stuck in my throat a little. But the vanilla taste was pleasant enough and sufficiently dessert-like, and it filled me up enough to sleep contentedly through the night. Still, I was feeling a little less pumped to start Day 2, when I’d actually have to work—would my brain function on nothing but juice?