BluePrint Cleanse Days Two Through Five


Days two and three were where I reached a turning point on my juice cleanse. On day two I woke up thinking about a cappuccino and bagel again, and feeling crushed that I would not have them. It was twenty degrees outside and the last thing I wanted was more cold juice. Drinking lots of hot green tea with a little agave nectar really helped, and I could see just how much of my life revolved around food and drink. I have a lot of time freed up when I’m not looking for, photographing, preparing, or consuming food.

On the morning of day three I felt… different. The idea of eating solid food sounded heavy and overwhelming. I had slept well. I felt lighter, and my skin looked better than it had in a while. This may be a pure coincidence, or maybe it’s a byproduct of being super hydrated, but it was noticeable. Physically, I didn’t have as much energy as my brain thought I had. I still felt off—more aggravated and easily tired. Still, I plowed through several tasks and drank the last juice of the three-day supply with some regret.

Crap. I didn’t want to quit just when this was getting better, and I was curious to see whether the day was a fluke. I decided to extend the cleanse to five days and see if I could swing it while at my day job.

The next day I located more juices at One Lucy Duck in Chelsea Market and Whole Foods. Since they were $9-$12 each, I really wished I had a juicer and could just do this on my own, but I bought just enough to get through the next couple days.

Days four and five went smoothly. I felt more relaxed and energized than I had on days one through three, my mood had lifted and I had lost five pounds, although it is probably, as they say, “water weight.” These effects were fairly subtle, and I think cutting out caffeine and alcohol, getting lots of water and rest had a lot to with it.

What was more striking was that when I did think about food, I was craving fruits and vegetables instead of carbs and salty snacks. For the next couple of days I’ll be easing back into eating with lots of vegetables, fresh fruit, and soup. I still have no desire to drink alcohol or coffee. Who knows how long that’ll last but I’ll stretch it out as long as I can.

If you’re thinking about doing a cleanse and have no health reason not to, I’d say give it a try and BluePrint Cleanse is a good place to start. Prepare for a rocky day or two, but it does get better.

And now, while I enjoy the most exciting bowl of broccoli I’ve ever had in my life, I’ll be perusing Bon Appetit‘s amazing-looking Food Lover’s Cleanse from 2011 and 2012 for ways to keep the healthy eating going. Who’d have thought?