Winter Storm Jonas Takes Manhattan


I think anyone who has lived in New York City for a certain period of time knows that midtown, and Times Square in particular, should be avoided. But snowstorms provide an exception to the rule. Having been through five of the worst snowstorms in the city’s recorded history within 10 years, it seems like we’re getting used to weather events shutting down the city that’s never supposed to shut down.

Since I don’t live upstate anymore, and I don’t have to deal with snowed-in driveways or slippery roads or vulnerable power lines, I don’t mind when snowstorms come to visit. It’s pleasurable to watch the streets empty, the tyranny of traffic replaced by adventurous cross country skiers and frolicking puppies and snow angeling tourists who haven’t gotten wise to the fact that throwing oneself into drifts leaves a rather cold and wet sensation that lasts longer than the thrill.

It’s as close as Manhattan gets to a ghost town, and I imagine the effect is even more pronounced at night. But it doesn’t take many white-out wind gusts to convince me there’s more fun to be had indoors.