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You may have noticed a few of your beer nerd friends in Brooklyn behaving strangely over the past week—perhaps skipping out of work early, or not answering text messages in the evenings, or looking jetlagged in the mornings (though I…

godfather sandwich graham avenue meats williamsburg

The Godfather at Graham Avenue Meats

Sandwiches had a storied history long before they were even called “sandwiches” (so named for John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who ate roast beef between two slices of bread as a snack during marathon card games). But out…

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The Best Saison Beers For Summer Drinking

When I drink a saison beer I feel like my mouth is having a very dry and witty and natural conversation that I wish could keep going forever, without resulting in hungover self-hatred the next day. But, seeing as this…

The Scuttlebutt from Saltie

The Scuttlebutt from Saltie

I never fell hard for a vegetarian sandwich until I met the Scuttlebutt from Saltie. Two of my most hated ingredients–black olives and capers–lurk within this sandwich and I don’t even care because it’s that good. In fact, I wouldn’t…

Noble Tonic 01 Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup

Noble Tonic 01: Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup

While we’ve all been tossing aside our jackets and admiring blooming trees, maple syrup producers have been cursing this freakishly early spring. Maple trees need cold nights and warm days for the sap to flow, and many in the syrup…

forcella montanara pizza

Forcella’s Montanara Pizza

Deep fried pizza. The words made me think of regrettable trips to street fairs, of zeppole hangovers and cheesestick mistakes. But when New York Magazine crowned the montanara sarita at Don Antonio the best pizza in New York, I started…

beer street

Beer Street

Update: Beer Street is now a bar and not a bottle shop If I had to pick one thing that was wrong with my corner of Williamsburg, it was that we didn’t have a craft beer store. A place for…



Usually, I don’t like eating to be messy. But the rule doesn’t apply to tacos–particularly if they’re excellent. Breakfast at Whirlybird was a five-napkin affair, and I couldn’t have been happier.



Have you ever had food-induced anxiety from walking into a place where there were too many tasty things to eat? This was the state of Snackish at Smorgasburg, the Saturday-only food fest on the Williamsburg waterfront that features 100+ vendors….

Bring to Light NYC

Bring to Light NYC

Last night I headed over to Brooklyn to shoot some photos at Bring to Light, a free one-night event featuring light installations and music along the Greenpoint waterfront. This was billed as New York City’s first nuit blanche festival, which…