satan's circus cocktail

Satan’s Circus

I firmly believe that a historic storm is a perfect opportunity to huddle indoors and work on new cocktail recipes. Satan’s Circus, a drink I tried at NoMad last week, has a dynamite combination of sour cherry and hot peppers,…

McKittrick Old Fashioned

McKittrick Old Fashioned

If I were stranded at a desert island cocktail bar that served just one drink of my choosing, I’d make it an old fashioned. I suppose that would be a little like using your last genie-granted wish to ask for…

evelyn drinkery yardbird

Evelyn Drinkery

I’ve stopped wondering how many artisanal cocktail bars the East Village can sustain, because the answer, judging by the thirsty crowds, always seems to be “more, of course!” Evelyn Drinkery, which opened two months ago on ever-fancier Avenue C (right…

experimental cocktail club

Experimental Cocktail Club

There’s merely-creative cocktails, and then there’s “experimental” cocktails. You can sip a well-made drink mixed with an infused liquor or unique housemade bitters at any number of mixology dens; but the esoteric ingredients on the menu at Experimental Cocktail Club…

old fashioned cocktail recipe

Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

The old fashioned’s recent resurgence may have something to do with Don Draper hopping behind the bar to mix a couple in season three of Mad Men. But this cocktail has been kicking around since at least 1806, when the…

Dark and Stormy recipe

Dark and Stormy Cocktail Recipe

After-work cocktailing should be as easy as possible and I can’t think of an easier, more refreshing beverage for this sudden spell of warm weather than a dark and stormy. This concoction originated in Bermuda after World War I, but…

penicillin cocktail recipe

Penicillin Cocktail Recipe

The first time I tasted a penicillin was unforgettable. In fact, you could probably pin the blame for my home cocktailing zeal on this moment. There was a nose full of scotch smoke up front, a bit of numbness on…

Billionaire Cocktail

Billionaire Cocktail

Recently I attempted to recreate a billionaire cocktail, my favorite drink on the menu at the famous Employees Only, without the $15 price tag apiece. I pulled the recipe from the New York Times, but made a few changes.

Paper Plane

Paper Plane

This was my first stab at reproducing a drink I had at Milk & Honey, a cocktail bar in the Lower East Side. Milk & Honey has been around since 2000, and may be single-handedly responsible for kicking off the…

Summit Bar

Summit Bar

If you have years of catching up to do with someone, you need a bar where you can actually chat, without feeling like a piece of driftwood being tossed around on a sea of revelers. Excellent cocktails never hurt conversation,…